Race and Polarization in the U.S. Church and Public Life

In a recent CNN op-ed, LZ Granderson argues that both major U.S. political parties are complicit in perpetuating racially-based political polarization in the United States by employing rhetoric that fails to appeal across racial divisions. Unfortunately, the social construction of race has infiltrated every institution in the US, including the US Catholic Church, the rhetoric only exacerbates while it ignores the systemic reach of racism. A two-party system that maintains racial division prevents the ideals of a more perfect union as it thwarts the common societal good. The politically, culturally, and racially diverse U.S. Catholic Church is in a unique position to resist divisions based on race. In order to overcome a racially divided society and to strengthen the common good, however, our Church must first acknowledge its own participation in history and this polarizing rhetoric and second incorporate racial justice more fully and explicitly into our social teachings and practices.

Read more on CTEWC Forum.


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