Prof. Flores participates in Boisi Center panel: “Race, Religion, and Social Change: A Campus Conversation”

In the wake of national debates on race following last year’s incidents in Ferguson and Staten Island, college and university campuses all across America are struggling to respond appropriately. As part of Boston College’s ongoing efforts to shed light on the role of race in America, Prof. Flores joined Prof. M. Shawn Copeland of Boston College and Prof. Walter Fluker of Boston University to continue the campus conversation. The panelists examined the intersection of race, religion, and movements of social change, from both contemporary and historical perspectives.

Prof. Flores’s contribution focused on the idea of aesthetic solidarity. How can we use arts and performances to foster a solidaristic community, especially when racial discourse comes to an impasse?

Read the Boisi Center Recap.


Prof. Flores speaks on race, religion and social movements at the Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life.


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