Dr. Flores contributes to St. Anselm Institute’s 2016 Catholic Social Teaching Series

On November 4, Dr. Flores joined Dr. Joseph Davis (UVA Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture) and Robert McCarthy (UVA third-year student) for a discussion on the content and significance of Laudato Si’. The event was organized and sponsored by the St. Anselm Institute and UVA Catholic Student Ministry.


Why Us? Why Now? – Public Scholars Project

Dr. Flores was the featured speaker for a webinar discussion about the various ways scholars of religion use media to communicate to the public about religious studies. In this episode, participants consider the opportunities, responsibilities, and challenges of being a “public scholar” at different stages and locations in one’s career.

This event was organized by The Religious Freedom Center and members of the American Academy of Religion’s Committee on the Public Understanding of Religion.

Read more from The Religious Freedom Center.

Dr. Flores discusses Radical Grace at Virginia Film Festival

Dr. Flores participated in the 28th Annual Virginia Film Festival, held each year in Charlottesville. Discussing the documentary film Radical Grace (2015, directed by Rebecca Parish), Dr. Flores offered theological and political context to recent controversies swirling around social justice advocacy among Catholic women religious. In response to institutional criticism that women religious promote radical feminist themes that undermine Catholic teachings, Dr. Flores elucidated competing narratives concerning concerning the Church’s role in the world:

The first narrative sees the Church as a battleground; the second sees it as a field hospital. Some observers of Catholic life have wondered if it is possible for the Church to be both. The future of the Catholic Church will be influenced by the interaction of these metaphors in U.S. Catholic life.

Beyond the political and theological controversies, however, Radical Grace illuminates their passionate faith that does justice, reminding the audience of the immeasurable contributions of women religious both in the Church and beyond:

I suspect that audience members will be moved not only by their radical commitment to serving the least of these, but by their deep joy. In the words of John’s Gospel: “I give to you a new commandment, that you love one another.” Indeed, they will know we are Christians by our love.

Please see the Radical Grace website to schedule a screening.